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August 21, 2017

It’s probably just me: news that Liberian-flagged tanker Alnic MC is owned by a Greek company named Stealth Maritime Corporation immediately inspired thoughts of 21st century naval tactics like AIS-spoofing and Aegis cloaking rather than fond memories of three-banked oarsmen in Athenian triremes.

US Navy guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain collided with an oil tanker east of Singapore before dawn on Monday, tearing a hole below the waterline and causing significant damage to crew berthing, machinery, and communications rooms.  Ten sailors are missing and five injured. … Early indications [from photos of the damage] suggested that the warship may have turned across the bow of the tanker.

credit: Ahmad Masood

The USS McCain had carried out a freedom of navigation operation in the South China Sea earlier this month, coming within 12 nautical miles of an artificial island built by China [atop a low-lying coral reef in waters also claimed by Vietnam and the Philippines].

Upon mature but superficial reflection, I’ve compiled four provisional hypotheses to “explain” the unexpected recurrence of this sealane collision between a US Navy destroyer and a (much larger) merchant vessel.  Take your pick:

  • a) sheer incompetence and dereliction of duty on the part of U.S. Navy watchstanders in the McCain.
  • b) hacked navigation systems onboard the Fitzgerald and McCain, compromised by those fiendishly clever cyber-warriors of the People’s Liberation Navy.
  • c) feng-shui retribution decreed by Tai Sui, the Duke of Heaven, for disturbing the chi of the southern region during the Year of the Fowl (a resident of the South).
  • d) a brazen scheme by Seventh Fleet commanders to steer the (multi-million-dollar) repair work to whichever Malaysian defense contractor is now filling Fat Leonard‘s size 13 shoes.

Unfortunately, the U.S. military has problems you can’t fix by hurling money.  As they say in Murmansk, “The fish rots from the head down.”  What do you see when you triangulate those coordinates?




January 30, 2014

This year, Lunghu won’t be devoting much time and column-inches to a compendium of 2014 feng shui predictions.  Another blogger has already taken care of the grunt work by providing an index of feng shui forecasts and the accompanying internet links.  If inquiring minds really want to read about flying stars and elemental conflicts until their heads swim, there are many other website destinations to choose among.

In any case, Lunghu has been dismayed, saddened and disappointed to see the slipshod, low-quality plagiarism which appears to be rampant among self-styled feng shui soothsayers in the Sinosphere.  The guilty parties know who they are:  they should feel the sting of shame burning their cheeks and reflect deeply on their errors.  So instead of citing the names and prognostications of certain personages of undoubted celebrity but dubious integrity, Lunghu is going to provide some predictions of his own.  These modest predictions are derived from two fundamental aspects that allegedly characterize the Year of the Horse:

  • The Rat is in conflict with the Horse
  • Although Fire and Wood are the predominant elements of this Horse year, the hidden presence of Metal within Earth (described as ‘Gold in Sands‘) will interact with Fire and Wood to produce dramatic events.

According to Lunghu’s far-seeing analysis, here is what this could (potentially) mean:

  • Business enterprises whose names, brands or logos include a rat or rat-like creature may experience difficulty in the Year of the Horse.  Therefore, 2014 will not be a good year for …
Disney Coropration

Disney Corporation

DJ DangerMouse

DJ DangerMouse


DJ deadmau5


the 150th anniversary may not go as planned

the 150th anniversary may not go as planned


Wuhan Squirrel Construction Machinery Ltd.

Wuhan Squirrel Construction Machinery Ltd.


rodents in the kitchen?

rodents in the kitchen?


Town, not Gown

Town, not Gown



beaver logo

  • One particular corporate brand whose logo does NOT include a Rat may still be in trouble –because of its past association (in the 1960’s) with the 20th century’s most-storied assemblage of high-priced rodents:  Hollywood’s famed Rat Pack.  Lunghu is referring to the Sands Casino empire (‘Gold in Sands‘ … remember?).  The Sands Casino itself is no longer present in Las Vegas under that name, but the empire continues to thrive on The Strip and throughout the world under the banner of Las Vegas Sands Corp.


Las Vegas Sands Corp. is an American casino and resort operating company based in Paradise, Nevada, USA.  Its properties in the United States include The Venetian and The Palazzo on the Las Vegas Strip, and the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem in Pennsylvania. In Asia, Las Vegas Sands operates the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Through its subsidiary Sands China Ltd, the company owns The Venetian Macao, The Plaza Macao, and the Sands Macao.

This is a company that fits the description ‘Gold-in-Sands’ to a T, and has an indelible association with The Rat Pack in American popular culture. Time to be very, very worried.  Here’s the formulaic feng shui chain of causality that portends trouble somewhere in the Sands Casino resort empire:

{Rat in conflict with Horse} + {June = Horse month} + powerful yin fire element + {South = Horse direction} + {wood –> feeds fire –> destroys metal} + {‘Gold in Sand’} ==>> fire/explosion damage at … ?

This combination of ‘threat characteristics’ implies that somewhere in the South, possibly in the month of June, conflicting cosmic forces may combine to cause a damaging fire or explosion at a Gold-in-Sands site because of its association with The Rat.   Sheldon Adelson has plenty to be worried about.  Las Vegas is in the southern portion of the United States, Macau is in southern mainland China, and Singapore is at the southern tip of the Malay peninsula.

Late last year, Las Vegas Sands bailed out of plans to build a casino resort in central Spain.  Perhaps the climate on the Iberian peninsula offered too much southern exposure for the company:

Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria said Las Vegas Sands had made last minute demands for legal and financial guarantees that “did not comply with Spanish law or that of the European Union.” The demands included tax benefits, financial compensation in the event of any future law change that could affect the project, and an assurance that new operators would be not be allowed in the casino sector. [LVSC] said in a statement that the project was not in line with its immediate development plans, which will be focused on its Asian business.

Time will tell whether this Spanish de-Conquista is a sufficient risk-mitigation strategy for LVSC.  The feng shui omens point to greater perils near the Straits of Malacca, where the company’s southern-most casino is located.  Will business at the Marina Bay Sands Resort be lighter than usual in June of 2014?  Perhaps it depends on how much Wood feeds the flames of this year’s Fire Horse.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands Resort    {gold-in-sands}
10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956    {south direction}

All in favor, say ‘Aye.’   All opposed, neigh.