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Absent Friends

September 22, 2011

DSK wasn’t invited.

...wearing the lapel badges of their respective lodges.


Free Buffet(t)

July 9, 2011

Bohemian Grove is so last century.  This year, the place to be seen is the Valley of the Sun.  Idaho, that is.  If you’re anyone with money or just seeking to rub elbows with über-kapital, early July is the time to attend i-banker Allen & Co’s annual Media and Technology Conference.  Warren Buffett‘s there.  (Jimmy Buffett is not.)  Bill Gates is there.  Oprah is there.  Philippe Dauman is there.   Mike Bloomberg is there (not in Paris).   Rupert Murdoch was there, until called elsewhere on business matters.

The Sun Valley Conference is called a “summer camp for moguls,” as the heads of industry ride around the resort on bicycles, go fishing, hiking and white-water rafting.

All that opportunity for strenuous physical activity must be why New Jersey governor Chris Christie chose to take a two-week “vacation” with his family in Sun Valley and points east.  After all, he just barely worked up a sweat when vigorously exercising his executive prerogative by using line-item veto authority to trim $.9 billion in fat from the bloated NJ state budget.  And those daylong, full-on aerobic workouts must be the reason that Christie’s presence in Sun Valley has received so little media attention:  nothing to see here, move along…

All in all, it’s none too surprising that New Jersey media outlets have had absolutely nothing to say about DoubleC as he hobnobs with the usual suspects out west:  Newark Star-Ledger?  Zilch.  Courier-Post “of Cherry Hill”?  Mum.  Bergen Record?   Bubkes.  Asbury Park Press?  You’re jokin’ –right?   It certainly wouldn’t do to perpetuate political sterotypes, particularly when they happen to be accurate.  Wouldn’t be prudent.  Wouldn’t advance the interests of the order.

Just the same, Lunghu is left wondering what Todd Christie might be up to in the shadows of  Sun Valley, and with whom he might be hobnobbing.  It looks as though Mike Bloomberg may have something cooking with his buddy at Activision Blizzard Inc., but time will tell.  Lunghu is convinced it’s all publicly available information.

Allons Enfants de la Patrie

July 2, 2011

Well, DSK probably won’t be parading down the Champs d’Élysée on 14 Juillet this year, but on the other hand he won’t be cooped up in a New York City penthouse either.  This petite tempête/cause célèbre appears to be concluding(?) with a whimper rather than a Happy Ending, but there’s still plenty of conspiracy theorizing left undone.  In the meanwhile, Lunghu will quietly bide his time, waiting for the eventual sealed out-of-court settlement that will finally put to bed DSK’s all-but-inevitable false arrest/wrongful imprisonment lawsuit.

credit: Todd Heisler

Lunghu is well aware that Mike Bloomberg isn’t in the habit of taking advice from anyone, but here’s a well-meaning suggestion:  given your own checkered past, it’s probably a good idea for you to stay away from the City of Lights for the foreseeable future.   Bertrand Delanoë may not exactly be a confrère of DSK, but they’re both Pay-Ess, and zealous underlings might be looking for payback.  After all, undeclared presidential ambitions can be a magnet for trouble, too.

Marchons, marchons, etc.