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Il Va’ … Para La Molienda

May 27, 2017

So, this guy in a white suit goes to the steel mill on a Saturday morning, and doesn’t get even a speck of soot on his smock.  But, thinking of some recent visitors to his home, he has something to say about getting the job done:

lost chains

Speaking to some 3,500 industrial workers at the ILVA steel factory in Genoa, many in overalls or hard hats, Francis distinguished between good entrepreneurs, who “share the labors of workers and share the joys of work” to create something together, and speculators who are not bothered when they fire workers in a search for profit.

“The speculator doesn’t love his business, doesn’t love the workers, but only sees the business and workers as a means to make profit.  One sickness of the economy is the gradual transformation of entrepreneurs into speculators,” the pontiff said.

Evoking il soffitto di Cappella Sistema


After the visit at the mill, Francis met with bishops, priests and nuns at the Cathedral of San Lorenzo.  Later he planned to meet with refugees, prisoners, poor and homeless people.

Ay! La Culebra!