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M’abuse 2018

September 1, 2018

German firefighters have controlled a Saturday morning fire that injured 10 people at the Vohburg refinery, part of the Bayernoil complex in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. … Bayernoil is 45 percent owned by [the Carlyle Group], with Rosneft Deutschland holding 25 percent, Eni Deutschland 20 percent and BP Europe 10 percent.

“Come, my boy. There’s nothing left to do here for a mere police inspector.”

“Our whole rotten world is long overdue for destruction. This godless world, devoid of justice and compassion, consists only of selfishness, cruelty and hatred. [Dr. Mabuse] would have destroyed mankind, which itself knows only destruction and extermination and which could only have been saved in its final hour through terror and horror.”

I regret to inform Herr Lang that seventy-five years of unrelenting terror and horror have not sufficed to save mankind from the endless agony of its final hour, a self-inflicted slow-motion catastrophe that rolls on and on, without the saving grace of a filmmaker’s closing credits.



Better Call Saul

June 9, 2015

Quick take on the G7 Summit:

Tall tales: whose fisch is bigger?

Tall tales: whose fisch is bigger?



Angela Merkel knows better than to raise her right hand in Bavaria.  Not surprisingly, it’s Harper and Abe who have almost locked their elbows in the classic salute.  Matteo Renzi and Jean-Claude Juncker are smart enough to use their left hands.  Francois Hollande knows it’s a trap, but isn’t sure how to react.


Everyone's smiling. Das ist Gut.

Everyone’s smiling. Das ist Gut.


Saul and David

“The painting is in fact made up of 15 different pieces of canvas; three main parts – the Saul, the David, and an insert of a copy of an old painting in the upper right corner plus strips all around the edges. So it’s a real patchwork,”  Emilie Gordenker said.