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Hedged Funding

July 7, 2017

Wait, is that an actual hedge or a virtual (Photoshopped) hedge in the background of this photo? Perhaps only Yonhap’s photo editor knows for sure.  It doesn’t really matter: the underlying message is the same either way.


Large-scale and green: we should expect forthcoming news of YUGE clean-energy investment deals between Siemens and KEPCO.  Moon has promised to reduce Korea’s reliance on nuclear power plants by adding cleaner electricity generation capacity.  Wind, tide and solar are obvious candidates to augment hydroelectric and thermal power stations.  Furthermore, significant job creation would be necessary to build and operate new energy infrastructure. This project is gonna get green-lighted (using dis term in da trad Hollywood vernacular, not in da bogus interwebs ish).

Better Call Saul

June 9, 2015

Quick take on the G7 Summit:

Tall tales: whose fisch is bigger?

Tall tales: whose fisch is bigger?



Angela Merkel knows better than to raise her right hand in Bavaria.  Not surprisingly, it’s Harper and Abe who have almost locked their elbows in the classic salute.  Matteo Renzi and Jean-Claude Juncker are smart enough to use their left hands.  Francois Hollande knows it’s a trap, but isn’t sure how to react.


Everyone's smiling. Das ist Gut.

Everyone’s smiling. Das ist Gut.


Saul and David

“The painting is in fact made up of 15 different pieces of canvas; three main parts – the Saul, the David, and an insert of a copy of an old painting in the upper right corner plus strips all around the edges. So it’s a real patchwork,”  Emilie Gordenker said.


Father ‘Nos’ Best

April 10, 2013

No one should consider it a stunning surprise that a certain august personage in Moscow has provided a semi-official reaction to Femen’s recent Hanoverian rebuke of Vladimir Putin.  For those of you who haven’t been paying attention …

Topless female demonstrators shouted “fuck the dictator” at Russian President Vladimir Putin as he toured an industrial fair with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday.  Merkel and Putin were attending the Hanover Messe in northern Germany, where Russia is this year’s guest country. … It was not clear whether the women in Hanover were Femen members.

Perhaps Comrade Bear considered a direct response to this unseemly challenge to be beneath his dignity –or even that of his official spokesman.  Or maybe he recognizes that gender politics isn’t his forte.  Whatever the reason for the ‘official’ silence, Moscow’s choice of surrogate messenger, message and venue is rather telling:


Feminism is very dangerous, [because] feminist organizations proclaim pseudo-freedom for women, supposed to be displayed first of all beyond marriage and family,” Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia said at a meeting with activists of the Ukrainian Orthodox Christian Women’s Union in Moscow.
“The feminist ideology focuses not on the family or bringing up children but on a different function of women that is often set against family values,” he said. “It is probably not by chance that most feminist leaders are unmarried women.”
The patriarch stressed that women should first of all be “the center of family life, the hearth keepers.”  He praised women for not only doing housework but also going out to work.


Patriarch Kirill said women fare well in many professions today, which, he said, means they can be good wives and mothers and at the same time work “for common good” if “their priorities are set in the right way.”

As long as you bear in mind that ‘family values’ is used as a codeword for patriarchy in Russia as well as the United States, the Patriarch’s discourse can be seen to embody a perfect internal logic.  Apparently there is something that superpower nations can agree upon: feminism is very dangerous to the status quo.