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Rape of the Sabines

November 29, 2019

Even though everything is big(ger) in Texas, I’m not quite convinced that Sabine Lake or the Sabine River on the Texas/Louisiana border actually qualify as Yang Water … but I don’t need a whole lot of persuading to agree that Wednesday’s explosion and fire at the TPC Group [Texas Petrochemicals] tank farm in Port Neches is definitely Yang Fire.  So in Texas, at least, the Rat Month has begun with a bang.

Not much has changed since a second Wednesday explosion prompted a 4-mile mandatory evacuation.  Mike White, emergency management coordinator, said there were not any additional explosions or flare ups through the Wednesday night into Thursday. “We’re still just trying to maintain the structures that are currently burning,” White said.

Port Neches Police Chief Paul Lemoine said, “TCP employees are shutting off valves to block [pipe]lines that are still releasing [chemical] product.  After all valves have been located and shut off, the fire will be allowed to burn itself out and at that point the area will be covered with foam.”

In the meantime, make sure that your turkey dinner is well upwind.  In Beaumont or Houston, where the big money lives.

Port Neches is Southeast by South from where, exactly?  Near as ah kin tail, seems like the luopan needle points to Dealey Plaza, Dallas … or thereabouts.

Gruen Mit Neid

November 25, 2019

Ooops! Guess my previous post should have mentioned that the Saxon city of Dresden is located in a Southeast by South direction from the German capital of Berlin.  Although the Rat Month hasn’t quite started, and it’s not clear how Fire-above-Water would apply in this particular case:

Early Monday morning, thieves [stole] jewels and other treasures worth up to a billion euros from the Gruenes Gewoelbe museum in Dresden’s Royal Palace, which houses one of Europe’s largest collections of jewelry and court treasures made of ivory, gold, silver and gems.  The burglars broke into the [not so] well-protected palace by disabling a nearby electrical substation and climbing through a window.

The Gruenes Gewoelbe is one of 12 museums which make up the famous Dresden State Art Collections.  The treasures of the Green Vault [were] carted off as war booty by the Soviet Union following World War II. They were returned to Dresden, the historic capital of the state of Saxony, in 1958.

Although it’s tempting to blame this heist on the hard-workin’ comrades of the FSB, it’s a lot more likely that the perpetrators are enterprising specialists from elsewhere in Eastern Europe: Montenegro, Serbia, Albania and Romania lead the list of usual suspects.  Is it because they’ve all been recently denied fasttrack status to membership in the EU, and thus have a nationalist grudge and an axe to grind?  After all, patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.



November 23, 2019

Shortly before the American settler-colonist festival of “Thanks-taking,” the lunar year’s Month of the Rat will begin (on 26/27 November).  This year, the onset of Rat Month provides sixty days’ advance warning of the full-on Year of the Rat –which begins in February 2020.

As any mariner or longshoreman can tell you, the Rat is always associated with Water: in the feng shui multiverse, he’s characterized by the Yang Water element [ 子].  Meanwhile, the Celestial Stem in this year’s Rat Month will be Yang Fire element [bǐng 丙].  The resulting Daoist dyad for the Rat Month is therefore Yang Fire above Yang Water.

It should be news to absolutely no one that Fire and Water elements do not have a complementary relationship.  Feng shui tradition confidently asserts that the pairing of Water and Fire is a destructive one: Water-quenches-Fire.  However, destruction is not invariably a negative development.  All things, both good and bad, must inevitably end –to be replaced by something new.  The destruction of bad or harmful or unbalanced phenomena will have the beneficial result of restoring more equal interplay of yin and yang, and should thus be welcomed.  Choose carefully what should be destroyed.

The abstract concept of celestial Yang Fire above terrestrial Yang Water is not so obscure and ineffable that we mere mortals cannot expect to perceive tangible indications of these elemental interactions.  For example, during the Rat Month, we should not be surprised to witness the eruption of ocean island volcanoes, particularly in the period a few days before or after the new and full moons.  Yang Fire (molten magma) above Yang Water (the Pacific Ocean –and maybe the Atlantic).  Perhaps it scarcely counts as a feng shui prediction to suggest that the numerous volcanoes on the Kamchatka Peninsula will erupt (they’re almost always erupting), but maybe we’ll see their seismic activity intensify during December.

Other potential examples of Yang Fire above Yang Water are considerably less majestic, but perhaps just as terrifying:

  • explosion and combustion of a deepwater oil drilling platform
  • raging fire aboard an oceangoing petroleum tanker … or warship
  • the flight of a submarine-launched ballistic missile
  • Saint Elmo’s Fire: ball lightning during an ocean thunderstorm
  • the Madden-Julian Oscillation

Because the Rat is associated with 0° due North, it may be slightly more likely that the various phenomena described above will be found to occur in that vector.  The Yang Fire element is (perhaps not surprisingly) associated with a warmer, somewhat southerly direction: 144° or approximately Southeast by South.  Let’s see where that might take us … from where I sit, it looks like Arecibo, PR.  For Comrade Bear, it’s more like Volgograd or Tehran.  For Comrade Eleven, it might be Shanghai.  Manu Macron should keep an eye on Lyon … and Cannes.  And so on…

Overall, the Rat doesn’t have a particularly special relationship (either good or bad) with the Boar, so the Rat Month interaction with the Boar Year isn’t especially fraught with peril or, for that matter, freighted with promise.  The Boar Year has a Celestial Stem of yin earth [ 己] above a terrestrial branch of yin water [hài 亥].  The Rat Month’s Yang Fire stem has a positive relationship with the year’s yin earth stem (fire-creates-earth), while the month’s Yang Water branch lends its strength to the Boar’s yin water.  Thus, the Rat is politely assisting the Boar during his final weeks in celestial office, but s/he shouldn’t be considered an enthusiastic supporter of waning porcine power.

Another agenda –the Rat’s– is waiting in the wings.  Twenty-twenty will unfold beneath a Yang Metal Celestial Stem [gēng 庚], which traditionally denotes an experienced elder from the West direction.  As previously noted, the Rat him/herself is from the North.  Metal-creates-Water: a harmonious relationship between Stem and Branch will be in evidence next year.  It should be interesting.