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May 30, 2019

Earlier this year, in quite another context, Lunghu warned that:

“This year Tai Sui (the Grand Duke of Heaven) is presiding over terrestrial affairs from his seat in the Boar’s north-northwest home.  That means he’s looking directly at the south-southeast … with potentially unfortunate consequences for those mortals beneath his gaze.”

Well, Lunghu was –until recently– blissfully unaware of the existence of an entertainment industry personality who has rashly appended three particularly significant letters as a suffix to his hiphop persona/moniker.  Talkin’ ’bout a guy whose baptismal/official name is Tyriq Kimbrough … but who styles hisseff ‘Fatboy SSE.’  Tai Sui, however, seems to have noticed.  Truly, the ways of the Tao are indeed wondrous and mysterious:

pretty sure Tai Sui would reprove the brand of leisurewear our hero is sportin’ here

New Jersey rapper and social media star Fatboy SSE had marijuana in his car and was driving while his license was suspended, according to Jersey City police, who arrested him Monday night.  Fatboy SSE, whose real name is Tyriq Kimbrough, has more than 5.5 million followers on Instagram and has a role in the forthcoming film “I Got the Hook Up 2.”  He was charged with possession of under 50 grams of marijuana and bail jumping after he was pulled over for a traffic violation at 8:51 p.m. Monday evening.  Kimbrough was also issued summonses for failure to observe a traffic signal, driving while suspended, and having controlled dangerous substances in a vehicle.

Never mind that marijuana will probably be legal in the Garden State by the time the Year of the Rat rolls around.  As long as it’s still the Year of the Boar, don’t be callin’ yourself ‘Fatboy’ and don’t be flyin’ the South-southeast banner all up on the internet.  That’s askin’ for double trouble: the Boar’s self-penalty on top of the SSE Snake’s elemental clash with the Boar Year.

Furthermore, Lunghu believes he scarcely need remind y’all which pejorative colloquial term would be used to characterize the Jersey City po-leece down around Ocean Avenue and points South-southeast.  Sheesh!!  Looks like Mr. Kimbrough would benefit from having some custom-made feng shui remedies installed in his personal vehicle.  And maybe a chauffeur with a clean MVC sheet.


Well, I Swan

May 29, 2019

Back on Armed Forces Day, under the Full Flower Moon, four U.S. defense/intelligence contractors –including the company’s ‘VP for Business Development’– died in a Honduras plane crash along with their Canadian pilot, and even the Cuban news media declined to comment.  American and Caribbean news outlets briefly mentioned the initial (deliberately garbled) official accounts of the incident and then swiftly dropped the subject.  Canadian media ran a couple of human-interest stories about how great a guy the pilot was … and turned to other matters.

ASRC Federal

Nobody’s eulogizing the other four dead guys, not even on Memorial Day.  You’d be hard-pressed to find their obituaries, even if you knew their real names.  And the defense contractor now has a new ‘VP for Business Development’ listed on its webpage.  Suddenly, coup attempts in Venezuela are back on the back burner, and bad-faith ‘negotiations’ are underway in Oslo.  Helluva way to run a foreign policy (if that’s what you want to call it).  Seems more like a CCE to me.

not Roatan


Bulava Watch

May 21, 2019

Hey, is this thing really a bulava?


Yep, it’s a bulava alright.

Obviously, this situation calls for the immediate election of Femen activists to the Ukrainian parliament.  So that they can serve as cabinet ministers, of course.  Just a suggestion … not a demand.

Gratuitous partial nudity.

Snakes on a Plain

May 7, 2019

As of Cinco de Mayo, the Snake Month has begun.  Let’s review:

  • Snake is in clash with the Boar: generally speaking, May will be a tumultuous month.
  • Snake is associated with the South-southeast direction.
  • People, places and things in the South-southeast direction are confronting Tai Sui (in the NNW).

In 2019, the Snake Month is characterized by yin earth above yin fire.

  • Fire creates Earth in the feng shui creative cycle: increased geothermal activity should be expected.
  • Fire beneath Earth: underground/mine shaft fires are possible in addition to the aforementioned volcanic eruptions and lava flows .
  • May 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th are Fire days.

In four weeks, the Yang-Metal-above-Yang-Fire Horse Month will begin.  Last week’s North Korean missile tests (metal over fire) are thus a trifle premature.  So is last Sunday’s Aeroflot aviation disaster (metal over fire) at Sheremetyevo airport.  Perhaps that’s because both incidents actually involve yin metal (aircraft-grade aluminum, etc.) above Yang Fire.