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Hare-Brained Scheming

March 4, 2019

Professor Longhair was certainly correct when he announced for all time that “you will see the Zulu King/down on Saint Claude and Dumaine,” but the upcoming week brings us much more than Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday:  arrival of the new moon on March 6/7 also ushers in the lunar year’s Rabbit Month.  Feng-shui fanciers will probably be happy to learn that the Rabbit is widely known as a friend of the Boar, and that this year’s March Hare generally appears to be in harmony with the elemental configuration of 2019.  Thus, feng-shui soothsayers have predicted that the Rabbit Month will be a relatively auspicious one. Details to follow.

Waking the Dragon has previously noted that the Year of the Boar is shaped by the presence of the yin earth Celestial Stem [ 己] above the yin water Earthly Branch [hài 亥].  Overall, this is not a beneficial arrangement, because the two elements are in a destructive relationship with each other: earth obstructs water.  The fact that both are “weak” yin elements helps to mitigate the negativity … somewhat.  In this context, the Celestial Stem and Earthly Branch associated with the Rabbit provide a bit of counter-balance, because the Rabbit’s yin wood Branch [mǎo 卯] is in a positive relationship with the Boar’s yin water Branch: water nourishes wood.  And the Celestial Stem for March 2019 is yin fire [dīng 丁], which is in harmony with the annual Stem yin earth: fire creates earth.  Thus, the Stem of the Rabbit Month is supporting the annual Stem, and the annual Branch reciprocates by supporting its terrestrial counterpart for the duration of the month.

What might this mean in practical terms?  Let’s accentuate the positive.  On the one hand it implies that low-intensity volcanic eruptions may become more frequent during March, as fire goes about its business of creating earth.  Furthermore, the concept of water nourishing yin wood suggests that crops –drought-stricken or otherwise– may receive much-needed rain.

In the un-natural world of commerce and capital, yin fire may briefly warm the chilly hearths of people active in Earth industries: agriculture, real estate, landscaping, mining, insurance, and software enterprises.  Yin water may nourish the tender spring growth of Wood industries: lumber, paper, apparel, media, publishing, education, and environmental enterprises.  Remember, though, that these are transient/ short-term effects that will be felt only during the Rabbit Month.  So although the SAP will flow during maple sugarin’ time, it could be a different story when the Dragon Month rolls into town.

Meanwhile, things look good for the Rabbit all year long: the #6 Heaven Star is in the Rabbit’s home sector [East], which helps to attract allies, friendships and all-around good fortune.  That’s good news for people like Igor Dodon, Eva Longoria, Veselin Topalov,, Delphine Arnault, David Beckham, 50 Cent, David Ortiz, Paloma Herrera, Charles Michel and Tiger Woods –they were all born in the 1975 Rabbit Year.  Certain other folk had the misfortune to be born during a Snake or Monkey Month in 1975, so they’re gonna need all the #6 Heaven Star luck they can get: Enrique Iglesias, Lauryn Hill and Angelina Jolie (Snake) or Charlize Theron (Monkey).

As for the rest of us, we’ll just have to eke out our Rabbit luck any way we can, by moving our beds to the East side of the house, getting up early to watch the sun rise, and savoring the Rabbit’s trademark warm-and-fuzzy feeling whenever possible.  That ought to be enough.