M’abuse 2018

German firefighters have controlled a Saturday morning fire that injured 10 people at the Vohburg refinery, part of the Bayernoil complex in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. … Bayernoil is 45 percent owned by [the Carlyle Group], with Rosneft Deutschland holding 25 percent, Eni Deutschland 20 percent and BP Europe 10 percent.

“Come, my boy. There’s nothing left to do here for a mere police inspector.”

“Our whole rotten world is long overdue for destruction. This godless world, devoid of justice and compassion, consists only of selfishness, cruelty and hatred. [Dr. Mabuse] would have destroyed mankind, which itself knows only destruction and extermination and which could only have been saved in its final hour through terror and horror.”

I regret to inform Herr Lang that seventy-five years of unrelenting terror and horror have not sufficed to save mankind from the endless agony of its final hour, a self-inflicted slow-motion catastrophe that rolls on and on, without the saving grace of a filmmaker’s closing credits.



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