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Underwood Andover Water

September 14, 2018

In case you were wondering what hybrid warfare looks like, here are some examples from really close to home:

Investigators suspect that over-pressurization of a gas main belonging to Columbia Gas of Massachusetts led to the series of explosions and fires, Andover Fire Chief Michael Mansfield said on Thursday.

I’d say it’s time for some computer network forensics at Columbia Gas.

Render\Undo Cesare

September 9, 2018


When the Duke [Cesare Borgia] had taken Romagna he found it had been governed by weak rulers, who had rather preyed on their subjects than governed them, giving them more motive for disunion than union, so much so that the province was rife with … all kinds of lawlessness. To make it peaceful and obedient to his rule, he appointed Messer Remiro d’Orco, a cruel and energetic man, as governor, giving him full powers.  This official, to his own great renown, soon made the province peaceful and united.

Then the Duke, judging that such excessive authority was no longer needed as he feared that it might become odious, set up a civil court of justice in the middle of the province with an excellent president and a representative from each city.  And being aware that the recent harshness [of d’Orco] had aroused some hatred against him [Borgia], and wishing to purge the minds of the people and win them over to him without reserve, he decided to make it apparent that if there had been any cruelty it was not his responsibility but had resulted from the harsh temperament of his minister.  And taking advantage of the occasion he had this official cut in two pieces one morning and exposed on the piazza of Cesena with a piece of wood and a bloody knife by his side. This ferocious spectacle left the people at once content and horrified.

Il Principe, Capitolo VII


M’abuse 2018

September 1, 2018

German firefighters have controlled a Saturday morning fire that injured 10 people at the Vohburg refinery, part of the Bayernoil complex in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. … Bayernoil is 45 percent owned by [the Carlyle Group], with Rosneft Deutschland holding 25 percent, Eni Deutschland 20 percent and BP Europe 10 percent.

“Come, my boy. There’s nothing left to do here for a mere police inspector.”

“Our whole rotten world is long overdue for destruction. This godless world, devoid of justice and compassion, consists only of selfishness, cruelty and hatred. [Dr. Mabuse] would have destroyed mankind, which itself knows only destruction and extermination and which could only have been saved in its final hour through terror and horror.”

I regret to inform Herr Lang that seventy-five years of unrelenting terror and horror have not sufficed to save mankind from the endless agony of its final hour, a self-inflicted slow-motion catastrophe that rolls on and on, without the saving grace of a filmmaker’s closing credits.