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What Freedom?

May 26, 2018

“Now it is the peasant who is the judge and so it is necessary to represent his interests.  That is just the thing for me, since I am myself, as you know, a peasant, the son of a retired soldier who served twenty-seven hard years in Nicholas I’s army.”

Ilya Repin was born into a family of “military settlers” in Chuguyev, in Kharkov Governorate, Ukraine.  His father traded horses and his grandmother ran an inn.  He entered military school to study surveying.  When the surveying course was cancelled, his father helped Repin to become an apprentice with Ivan Bunakov, a local icon painter, where he restored old icons and painted portraits of local notables through commissions.


May 14, 2018

Just re-read a post that I wrote exactly four years ago today.  I always reserve the right to change my mind when new information becomes available,  but in this particular case I couldn’t agree with my former self more thoroughly.