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Xu Drop

September 12, 2017

“Although it has involved [a series of] disturbing events, the North Korean “crisis” of recent months is largely an invented one.”

“In light of the undeniable reality of mutual [nuclear] deterrence, the North Korean “crisis” of 2017 can most accurately be seen as a media puppet show put on by Chairman Kim and President Trump for their own public relations purposes.”

“[Analysts] say there is no definitive, publicly available proof that North Korea has a missile with the range to strike the continental United States, a miniaturized nuclear warhead to mount on it, and the shielding technology to make sure the warhead survives the heat and pressure of reentry to the atmosphere.”

“The North Korean situation might begin to [move toward] difficult diplomacy [and] an acceptable resolution if journalists downplayed the Chairman Kim-President Trump Puppet Show and focused on reality: North Korea is a tiny, impoverished country that would be instantly vaporized if it ever launched a serious attack on the United States.”

John Mecklin is the editor in chief of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Reuters News Service thinks him sufficiently credible to give his op-ed piece a relatively prominent place on its September 12 webpage.


In contrast, Lunghu is a wild-eyed conspiracy theorist (well, maybe not) considered credible by a relatively small number of people who believe that past performance might be a possible indicator of occasional insight.  The fact that Mr. Mecklin makes several of the same points advanced by Lunghu in an August blogpost should not be used by skeptical readers to disparage either writer.  Lunghu is unconstrained by institutional responsibilities and obligations that discourage venturesome speculation or insolent provocation: Editor Mecklin is not.  Thus there’s a limit to what he can say in public, and there’s a limit to what Reuters will publish.  Will Reuters‘ editors learn to read between the lines as well?