Divine Vengeance

I recently awoke from a deep slumber and realized that it’s now the year 2016.  More than that, it appears to be the dawn of a new era  –because I felt no compulsion to conduct a recapitulation of media coverage analyzing Kim Jung-un‘s 2016 New Year message.  The message itself was lackluster, running-dog capitalist lackey reporting was scantier than ever, and wistful sorrow at the passing of Kim Yang-gon clung like a shroud to the entire topic.  Major wire services such as Reuters, Associated Press and Yonhap provided perfunctory reviews of KJU’s New Year’s speech, and Bloomberg deigned to publish 4 brief paragraphs on the story.  Nobody invoked feng-shui to make the observation that with Kim’s yang gone, excess yin in the DPRK may create difficult prospects for the nation during the upcoming Year of the Yang Fire Monkey.

Kim Yang Gon_KJU

Here, at a minimum, is what you need to know to be prepared for the onrushing year, which formally arrives on February 8th:

  • Yang Fire (Heavenly Stem) sits above the Yang Metal Monkey (Earthly Branch) this year.  Fire melts Metal, so it is not an auspicious year.  However, with Fire on top and Metal below, there is reason to hope for optimism, flexibility and progress.
  • Yang Fire symbolizes the power of the Sun, so various aspects of the solar presence may be increasingly prominent this year: photo-voltaic power generation; warming climate; agricultural production; solar flares; astronomic anomalies, and perhaps more.
  • The Metal element of this year’s Earthly Branch will benefit Fire industries, which include energy, entertainment, stock markets, and finance. The Fire element of this year’s Heavenly Stem will benefit Water element industries such as transportation, logistics, shipping, and communications.
  • The heavenly throne of Tai Sui has shifted to the west-southwest.  Be extra careful in places like San Diego, Bordeaux, Bristol, Goteborg, Lisbon, Saarbrucken, Tournai, Mecca, Lhasa, Goa, Palawan, and (above all) Moldova.
  • The Tiger is in direct clash against the Monkey this year.  People born in a Tiger year are in clash against the year during 2016. They are also susceptible to the Three Fire penalty of Tiger, Monkey, Snake.  Corporations using the emblem of the Tiger (or other large cats) will experience difficulty in 2016.  So will the Detroit Tigers.  Perhaps this doesn’t augur well for the Super Bowl LC chances of the Carolina Panthers



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