WWII All Over … Again

The fix is in: for the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII those canny Swiss ‘neutrals’ at FIFA have orchestrated a distaff rematch of Axis-vs-Allies in the semis and final of the Women’s World Cup.  United States v. Japan for world domination.  England v. Germany for consolation prize.  Was it in the script all along?


The referees played their usual solid supporting roles, with a penalty kick here and a penalty kick there … together with a few strategic non-calls along the way. We can probably expect more of the same in the final.  FIFA officials seeking to avoid extradition to the U.S. Department of Justice may tip the scales toward a Hollywood ending for the neon yellow Nike hose of the good ol’ USA.  Let’s just wait and see.

Meanwhile, in the Andean fringes of southern Mercosur, the beautiful game will be played at its pinnacle by slightly less beautiful players than in Vancouver.  Chile and Argentina will be ignoring their mutual history as post-war havens for the losing team, and will instead emphasize themes close to the heart of a certain former Porteño — Jorge Mario Bergoglio:

“Chile and Argentina are brother countries, we have to show mutual respect,” said Argentine defender Javier Mascherano.  “Sport is about trying to be healthy and having fun, not a war.  If we stoop to aggression and violence, we lose that message of respect.

His Chileno counterpart Jose Rojas agreed: “Argentina is strong but nothing is impossible.  We have hunger and desire to achieve something important for our country.  We are playing at home, with our people behind us, and we have something to say.  You have to throw all the meat on the grill,” Rojas said.


Meat on the grill?   Sounds like an appeal to San Lorenzo!  On Saturday we’ll see who’s really running the barbeque in Sant’Iago.  I’m thinking it’s gonna be Lionel Messi.



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