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Congratulations to Edgar Chagwa Lungu (no relation to your humble correspondent) on his election as 6th President of Zambia.  To win the election with 48% of the vote, Lungu overcame factional infighting within his own political party (the Patriotic Front), the hostility of certain media magnates in Zambia, and torrential rains which delayed voting in some parts of the country.


His principal opponent was Hakainde Hichilema, one of Zambia’s 0.1%:

Hakainde Hichilema is a millionaire and the second-largest cattle rancher in Zambia.  An economist and businessman, he served as the CEO of both Coopers and Lybrand Zambia (1994-1998) and Grant Thornton Zambia (1998-2006).  He is a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  In December 2014, Hichilema denied being a freemason, saying that those accusing him were malicious. He also sued Bishop Edward Chomba of the Orthodox Church for defamation after the Bishop called him a satanist and a freemason.

It’s not clear which was considered more defamatory: being a satanist or a freemason.

Despite all the heat and harsh words, the election was conducted in a generally peaceable fashion. Lungu won clear majorities in six of Zambia’s ten provinces: Eastern; Northern; Copperbelt; Luapala; Lusaka, and Muchinga.  Hichilema swept the western provinces: Southern, Western, and Northwestern.  He also won in Central Province. Vote suppression tactics were rather subtle by African standards:

Lions in Siavonga‘s Namomba district have scared away many voters in the area, Snike Mzulah reported.  Residents in the area have chosen to stay indoors for fears of the lions.  Senior village headman Mulopa of Namomba area confirmed the news.


Of course, this being Africa, the question in everyone’s mind is: “who sent the lions?”  Since Siavonga is a Hichilema stronghold, perhaps it was Robert Mugabe.


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