What is it about the moon that makes women take their clothes off?   Yes, yes, correlation isn’t causation, but recent reports from Africa describe yet another anomalous ‘coincidence’ occurring under the dark shadow of the new moon:

On Saturday, hundreds of women marched topless through the southeastern town of Zemio in the Central African Republic to protest sectarian violence.  The women said that going partially nude would bring a curse on those responsible for the violence, which has killed at least 5,000 people this year in fighting between Christian and Muslim militias.  This week the fighting reached Zemio, wounding about 10 people and displacing most of the local population, which contains both Christians and Muslims.



Although Medecins Sans Frontieres has an outpost in Zemio, I’m not aware that Femen does too (although the idea of Femen as humanitarian activists is exactly the kind of re-branding I think their organization needs).  This ‘manifestation’ instead appears to be an indigenous response to cultural upheaval in a part of the world where a woman’s curse is a serious threat –because both the intent and capability have been well known for millennia.  Moreover, the powerful urgency of this collective performance is markedly intensified by its deliberate enactment on the very eve of the Feast of Christ the King, the final Sunday event on Christianity’s annual liturgical calendar.

Unfortunately, it’s likely that the men who need to heed this message have been irrevocably indoctrinated by ‘modern’ slavetrader religions which preach submission to the patriarch’s will.


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