You may not have noticed, but twice each month –in the days immediately preceding the full moon and new moon– human behavior often takes an unusual or erratic turn.  Automobile accidents occur with slightly greater frequency, sexual appetites intensify, and ‘impulse crimes’ such as assault, petty theft or vandalism increase.  But don’t just take my word for it:  go crunch the data. It’s out there.

This isn’t just something that happens only in the United States –it’s a worldwide phenomenon.  Case in point: Paris.

Eight topless Femen protesters brandishing plastic Kalashnikov rifles swathed in flowers marched on the Champs-Elysées in Paris on Wednesday urging ‘infidels’ to rise up against Islamic State militants who have seized large parts of Syria and Iraq.  One of the women shouted:  “All those who are threatened by ISIS jihadists, show your hostility towards ISIS’s ideas. It’s only by criticizing them publicly that we can destroy them. Infidels, rise up against ISIS.”

The protest comes days after an ISIS spokesman urged all Muslims to kill “dirty” and “spiteful” French citizens, [whose government] has joined the US-led coalition to fight the jihadist organization.


I’m going to guess that the journalist who wrote that article wasn’t really looking very closely at Femen’s faux weaponry, because photos of the event appear to show two pink plastic Beretta 9mm pistols, three or four Uzi bouquets, and maybe one folding-stock AK-47 adorning Place de la Concorde.  But who’s actually counting?  What really matters is that each protester has two breasts apiece, and that Femen’s message is: unite, rise up, speak out, stand up, fight.  Furthermore, the Arc de Triomphe looming in the background asserts the promise of ultimate victory.  Allons enfants de la patrie(-archy), etc.



So, does the presence of so many Uzis in Femen’s arsenal indicate that the organization is now sponsored by the state of Israel?  Inquiring minds want to know.  It’s a credibility issue.



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