Roamin’ Holiday

Pope Francis is wrapping up his visit to Korea.  Here’s a quick recap of his core message to Northeast Asians:

  1. Please stop fighting and killing each other.
  2. Please be (much) less money-hungry and materialistic.
  3. Pseudo-Marxists needn’t fear Christians.  See points 1 & 2 above.
  4. Pray for (rather than prey upon) each other.  See points 1 & 2 above.

And now some thousand-word pictures that can relate volumes more than text alone …


Francis looks at the honor guard’s M-16s with an expression of sadness and distaste.  Park Geun-hye gloats.



Notice the kowtowing barbarian emissaries in the Chosun-dynasty screen painting directly above the Pope’s head? Despite his Italian heritage, (or perhaps because of it) he’s considered South American by South Korea’s foreign ministry functionaries.  But remember:  Francis knows that Park Geun-hye was hooking up with her boy toy –for seven hours– while the Sewol ferry capsized and sank.


Park Won-soon_Copenhagen_20140812

Why is the mayor of Seoul cycling in Copenhagen while Francis visits Korea?  So that he doesn’t have to be part of Park Geun-hye’s cynical political circus show. And perhaps for ideological reasons.


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