July Fourth:  twelve-score years ago or so, Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley was at the center of attention in the English-speaking world.  This year, not so much. Instead, American eyes turn to the Deep South –the very Deep South– to Fortaleza (Brazil) and points far beyond.

That’s right, it’s time for the 2014 World Cup quarter finals.  Only half of the eight teams predicted by Goldman Sachs analysts have actually made it to this stage of the tournament: Argentina, Brazil, France and Germany.  The investment bankers pick Argentina, Brazil, and Germany to advance to the semis –so do many other “experts.”  Lunghu ain’t quite so sure the script won’t be subject to some last minute revisions.

Here’s one pundit’s picks:

  • Germany 1-0 over France
  • Colombia 3-2 over Brazil
  • Argentina 2-1 over Belgium
  • Netherlands 2-0 over Costa Rica

Paddy Power punters prefer:

Lunghu doesn’t know enough about the teams, referees, and climate to predict final scores, but he’s going to stick his neck out and predict some (unlikely?) winners:

les Bleus

New Granada

no default of their own



July 4th Update:

PaddyPower gamblers: 1, Lunghu: 0


July 5th Update:

PaddyPower gamblers: 1, Lunghu: 1      Lunghu is out of the tournament, having lost the penalty-kick shootout.



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