Sweet Sixteen

Time for a quick World Cup Round-of-Sixteen scorecard.   Lunghu made some bold(ish) predictions about the round-robin group matches before the World Cup began:  let’s see how they turned out.

  • “Group H is by no means a lock for Team Russia.  We should not underestimate the abilites of the (hot weather) Korean and Algerian teams –Lunghu thinks there’s a big surprise coming out of Group H.”

Russia’s out, Algeria’s in.  Lunghu may have overestimated the abilities of the Korean team for sentimental reasons, but it’s clear that the Algerians are big, tough, and willing to fight.  Little wonder that their grandfathers sent the French colons packing in the early 1960’s.

  • “Neither Goldman analysts nor PaddyPower bettors give enough credit or respect to the Dark Continent teams. [B]oth Ghana in Group G and Nigeria in Group F may have enough to take second in their [respective] groups.”

Ghana’s out (go USA!), Nigeria’s in.  Ivory Coast should have done better, but somehow Greece slid through.

  •  “Lunghu thinks that it’s important consider the impact of outright bribery on the outcome of World Cup games.”

You’ve seen Yuichi Nishimura in Game One. There’s probably more to come.  Stay tuned.


Looking forward

Who does Lunghu favor in the quarters, semis and perhaps beyond?   Let’s just say that he’s looking at a tricolor flag of gold, blue and red.  The referees may be a mountainous obstacle against Brazil, but Señor Ha-mess has shown the world what amazing performance looks like.



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