Pole Dancing

Poland’s ruling political party is being embarrassed by clandestine audio recordings of various ministers making various indiscreet statements (while under the influence of vodka, perhaps) in private VIP rooms at Warsaw restaurants.

Last week Wprost magazine released a transcript of a compromising conversation between the interior minister and the head of Poland’s national bank. On Sunday, the magazine published a transcript of a leaked conversation in which Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski asserted that Poland’s close alliance with the U.S. is worthless and harmful for Poland because it provides a false sense of security while antagonizing Russia and Germany. Attention in Poland has turned to who could have carried out illegal surveillance on such a scale: the recordings took place at at least two Warsaw restaurants over an extended period and captured on tape more than a dozen officials, politicians and company bosses.

Radek Sikorski_2013

“The government has come under attack from an organized criminal group,” Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said in Luxembourg as he arrived for a meeting of European Union foreign ministers.
“We don’t yet know who stands behind it … but [the conspiracy] is being investigated [to] determine the identities of the group members and, above all, of the masterminds.”

This is a necessarily discreet and roundabout way of naming the true culprit: “Comrade Bear.”  After all, very few people could credibly dispute the characterization of Vladimir Putin, Igor Sechin and United Russia as “an organized criminal group.”  But not even the United States Treasury Department is willing to come right out and say so –in public.

And for those of you who need mid-June’s geopolitical diagram fully sketched in, this entire affair can and should be viewed as Comrade Bear’s counterattack in response to the ongoing CoolWar contest in Ukraine.  Not quite the Battle of Kursk with massed Red Army tank formations, but a counterattack on the Central Front nonetheless.  In this sort of struggle, topless women are –sadly– of limited value.



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