Make Art, Not War

Lunghu has previously written about the combination of message and medium chosen by the European activist group Femen, and its waning effectiveness.   He’s still waiting to see whether Femen will merely continue to deploy minor twists and tweaks in their traditional tactical repertoire, or whether they can make the quantum leap to an entirely new strategic approach.  Meanwhile, the game is changing  –art once more imitates life in order to further commodify the novelty of a formerly shocking spectacle.

Compare and contrast:  European media outlets take a starkly different approach to covering female public nudity … depending on the message intended by the body in question.

Exhibit A.  Femen chooses a soft target at the Musée Grévin waxworks as Merkel, Hollande, Obama and Juan Carlos look the other way.



Exhibit B.   Performance artist Milo Moiré displays her hidden assets to show the Basel Art Fair what transparency in Swiss banking should look like.



Looks to Lunghu as though she’s riffing on the classic Femen signature style:  black ink, block letters, bodacious boldness.  But her message isn’t outrage and anger.  Instead, it seems to be a silent, ambiguous commentary on consumerism, eroticized marketing schemes, and the importance of sturdy shoes.  Reflect deeply upon this.



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