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1]  Lunghu does NOT believe that MH370 was deliberately flown to or toward the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia  –whether as an insidious CIA/MI6 plot to kidnap its passengers or as part of a wild jihadist scheme to attack Anglo-American imperialist military facilities there.  Analysis of blog traffic appears to suggest that many people in Southeast Asia seem to consider this an actual possibility.  Possible it may be, probable it isn’t.

2]  Lunghu is resolutely and adamantly opposed to ANY release of convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard from federal prison –other than at the long-overdue conclusion of his life sentence.  Not even if presidential pardons are simultaneously offered to Bradley “Chelsea” Manning and Edward Snowden.  This latter course of action is unlikely, since AIPAC isn’t conditioning its support in the mid-term Congressional elections on clemency for Manning and Snowden.  Yo, Barack:  at the very least, make your decision some time after June, when Sheldon Adelson will have to swallow a big dose of “Gold-in-Sands” bad qi.  Things may appear very different in the blazing mid-summer sunlight.

3]  It’s April, the Dragon month. In feng shui, the dragon is associated with the Earth element, while the Horse (this year’s zodiac sign) is associated with Wood. Wood conquers Earth, which is the money element for Wood Horse people.  Can this mean that April will be financially rewarding for those carrying the Horse sign?  For their sake, let’s hope so.

4]  Final Four:  men’s and women’s.  Lunghu has a vague feeling about portents of victory for … Wisconsin (?!?) and Stanford.   Does that mean he’s seeing red?  Or just that he doesn’t want to see a double championship at UConn?



Feng shui signs are looking good for Stanford’s team, whose emblem is a giant tree (definitely the Wood element writ large).  Wisconsin’s men may be laboring under the burden of its Badger emblem, whose closest correlate in the Chinese zodiac would be the Dog (Earth element).  UConn Huskies => Dog; Kentucky Wildcats => Tiger; Florida  Gators => Dragon(??).  Dog and Dragon are Earth element signs.  Tiger is a Wood element sign.  Wood conquers Earth.  Does this mean that Kentucky will be national champion after all?  In a Dragon month?  Hmm … this might mean these games will be heading into overtime.   Lunghu may have to hedge his bets.



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