Age of Prosperity

Waldo Peckinpaugh’s granny used to say that cheetahs never prosper, but she just didn’t live long enough to see recent developments at the National Zoo.  On Friday, a white-tailed deer jumped the fence separating Rock Creek Park from Washington’s National Zoo. Unfortunately, [s]he jumped into the zoo, not out:

The result was predictable.  Zoo officials say a white-tailed deer was killed by cheetahs after it jumped into their enclosure on Friday.  After hearing noises from the cheetah pen, a zookeeper found the deer carcass shortly before noon lying next to cheetah siblings Carmelita and Justin.  The zoo said the cheetahs appeared unharmed.


Sadly, the unscheduled venison brunch was not permitted to continue …

Doctors will examine the carcass to make sure the deer didn’t have any diseases.



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