Timing is Everything

You wonder about the timing.  On Monday, a military contractor “who had been seeking treatment for severe mental health problems” mows down a baker’s dozen in DC’s Navy Yard.  On Wednesday, the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Command spokesman Lt. Col. Dave Connolly announces that:

[its] Surgeon General’s Office sent a message to commanders and medical personnel last Friday ordering a halt in prescribing mefloquine for malaria prevention.  The message also told commanders and medical workers to assess the possibility that some of their troops have been sickened by the drug but may mistakenly have been thought to be malingering or to have post- traumatic stress disorder or other psychological problems.

[Although] mefloquine has been effective in preventing malaria, is less expensive and is taken in lower dosages than alternatives, toxic levels of the drug in the brain may produce side effects such as anxiety, depression and hallucinations. Relatives of some military personnel … believe [this may have] prompted psychotic behavior in their loved ones, including killings and suicides.


There’s nothing like a last minute, deathbed conversion.  Too bad it was someone else’s deathbed.  Can’t wait for the National Rifle Association to get on board with this: “we don’t need more gun control, we need better drug prescriptions.”


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