Another Brick in the Street

A fortnight ago, whilst Lunghu was out and about attending to other business, the usual suspects managed to orchestrate their proportionate response to that mysterious monkey business earlier in August.  And they got it done before the end of the Monkey Month, just as feng shui soothsayers had warned us.

Trading in thousands of U.S. stocks ground to a halt for much of [August 22nd] after an unexplained technological problem halted trading in Nasdaq securities.  The shutdown of trading in such familiar names as Apple Inc, Facebook Inc, Google Inc, Microsoft Corp and about 3,200 other companies lasted 3-hours and 11-minutes, the longest in recent memory.

Nasdaq halted trading after learning that its Securities Information Processor, which consolidates stock prices, was not disseminating price quotations. During the shutdown, trading of shares not listed on Nasdaq continued, but transactions could not be executed on the Nasdaq platform. Options trading was also halted. A “connectivity issue” between the NYSE’s all-electronic ARCA platform and Nasdaq’s SIP caused the breakdown.


[Two days earlier,] a technical problem at Goldman Sachs Group Inc had resulted in a flood of erroneous orders in U.S. equity options markets.

Sun Tzu at work. Right there in your own backyard. So, does this mean that Everbrite’s source code honeypot was at Goldman after all?



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