Way Down Yonder

Gunfire at the Suntsar Corral — just another day in Baluchistan or the start of something more?

Gunmen attacked a coastguard checkpoint in … the Suntsar area of Gwadar district [Pakistan] early on Saturday.  “Around 24 gunmen armed with rockets and heavy weapons, attacked the checkpost and killed seven coastguard officials,” said provincial home secretary Akbar Hussain Durrani.  Local tribal police official Muhammad Ali confirmed the attack and casualties, and said the identity of the attackers was not immediately known.


In Baluchistan it could be anybody with a grudge, which means just about everyone. Or someone who didn’t have the EZPass transponder to pass smoothly through the roadside toll gate. Could have been the boys from Bakri, or maybe even Jīwanī.  But probably not anyone from that Godforsaken hellhole Ganz. [Cue the flaming internet trolls:  if you’re gonna bombard Lunghu with angry comments, you’ll have to use a Roman characterset if you want him to actually read your insults and threats.]



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