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With due apologies to Thailand’s laws forbidding lèse majesté, Lunghu is fundamentally opposed to the institution of monarchy for several reasons.  The absurd expense of funds on pomp and ceremony is merely one of them.  Furthermore, Lunghu’s Hibernian heritage does not dispose him to view the English or their monarch with particular esteem.  Au contraire.  But since Irish bookmakers are offering odds on the name of William and Kate‘s newborn, and because Lunghu’s had a bit of success in that line  earlier in the year, why not bend a little with the gusty wind of popular opinion?  Here’s Lunghu’s view:

Boy or girl? They’re yearning for a king, but please give those pommy poofs another Queen.  They (usually) last longer, and thus the exchequer has more time to recoup the enormous outlay required for the next coronation ceremony.  However, if the Yoruba gods ignore Lunghu’s plea and permit a male heir to issue forth from Kate’s loins, let him be christened Phillip [33:1] Alexander [8:1] Windsor.  It’s a nod toward that Macedonian bloodline to which all conquerers aspire.  A two-fer named Francis [25:1] is far too pacific and not at all likely.


Lunghu would prefer a girl.  With a longshot name, to make the bet worthwhile.  Among the punters’ top choices, Lunghu loves the name Charlotte and, at 7:1, so does much of England (apparently).  Only Alexandra [11:4] and Victoria [11:2] have lower odds.  Some of Lunghu’s personal favorites are Phoebe [80:1], Caroline [50:1], and Marina [80:1], but none of those names are destined to be in the cards at the House of Windsor.  The most regal name of all doesn’t even appear on Paddy Power’s list, so the odds must be completely off the charts, but in this case it’s still Lunghu’s unlikely choice:  Olivia.  Too bad she’ll have to endure life as a princess before she can become queen.


Annoyed Complaint:

This post was supposed to go up at 10:30 EDT.  Imagine Lunghu’s dismay when he saw it in his WordPress dashboard as a draft at 2125 EDT.  Oh well.

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