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Brood or Thought

June 11, 2013

Lunghu is a resident of Brood X territory, but recently –and unexpectedly– he found himself on Brood II turf not far away.  The loud, high-pitched whine of several hundred thousand sex-starved male cicadas was more than just audible:  it effortlessly intruded on the mere human din of a busy shopping center and an adjacent 6-lane highway.  If you hadn’t seen a woman in 17 years, you’d be whining too.


Red Fort Intrigue

June 7, 2013

OK, sure, maybe it was never a Shah Jahān love story, but once upon a time it was more than a merely convenient marriage.  However, nothing –not even Alrosa diamonds– is forever.  People change through life experience, and their needs change too.  Personal visions of a desired future become incrementally modified as each life choice creates new possibilities at the same time that it closes other options.  What once was novel becomes routine, and the need for spiritual, emotional and psychological support evolves as well –subtly or dramatically, depending on the circumstances.

VVP_Back in the day

We have very good relations.  I am very grateful to Vladimir Vladimirovich that he still supports me.  And the children, he really cares for them. And the children feel this.

Eventually, although the bond of long-standing intimate knowledge remains, life paths diverge.  In the 21st century, a social institution of legal bondage engineered in the interests of patriarchal hierarchy doesn’t always suit both the prisoner and the warder (even when each party fills both roles simultaneously).  Kirill himself would have to acknowledge this basic truth.  And so, a decorous divorce.  Clean severance for an attenuated, tapering skein of double braid.

Inquiring minds now want to know:  who’s hibernating in Comrade Bear‘s den?

A bold and certain gaze, the confident and knowing trace of a smile ...

A bold and certain gaze, the confident and knowing trace of a smile …