Golden Silence

Media headlines that Lunghu will NOT be blogging about this week:

  • Anne Frank museum defends Bieber after furor [ Seems as though the word ‘controversy’ would have been a better choice … ]
  • ‘Heisman Trophy of opera’ goes to Isabel Leonard  [ Lunghu really wants to see this statuette. ]
  • Judge holds self in contempt for his ringing smartphone   [ He may be the last in line. ]
  • Swedish Holocaust hero made first honorary Australian  [ It was all a tremendously embarrassing error: semi-literate Aussies thought his name was Koala Wallaby. ]
  • Alrosa to Launch Diamond Trade on Shanghai Bourse  [ Selling Russian diamonds in China: a money laundry made in heaven. ]
  • Pre-dawn rehearsal for Margaret Thatcher’s funeral  [ All of England has a stake in it. ]
  • Maine hermit attracts marriage offer  [ This is exactly why he was hiding out in the woods. ]
The alpha 'master' is sometimes bitten ...

The alpha ‘master’ is sometimes bitten …

Next Time …

A recent story that Lunghu WILL be blogging about (soon):

Vladimir Putin Visits Russia’s Main Buddhist Temple




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