There are plenty of astrophysicists who were willing to assure the population of Earth that February 15th’s asteroid visitor WOULD NOT collide with our planet, but there don’t appear to have been any feng shui masters who predicted a Chelyabinsk meteor strike on the same day as the asteroid fly-by  –or on any other day during the Year of the Snake.  That’s disappointing, because the Russian Federation also experienced a strong magnitude 6.6 earthquake in Eastern Siberia (134km WSW of Druzhina) within 24 hours of the Chelyabinsk airburst.  What are the odds?  At least astronomical … perhaps astrological.  And what about those similar –but smaller– meteor sightings in Cuba and California?

looks like a snake ...

looks like a snake …

Where did the world’s feng shui soothsayers  go wrong?  It appears that their customary analysis may have relied too heavily on an examination of the expected interactions between each year’s Stem and Branch (water and fire), while somewhat neglecting lesser (but still significant) aspects influenced by interactions between the 5 Elements and the twelve compass directions.  Here are some examples of what feng shui masters chose to emphasize for 2013:

  • The Snake contains strong fire, the birthplace of yang metal.  The fire energy is rising up and will almost reach its peak in the Snake month (May).
  • The Snake’s powerful fire energy will combine with the Tiger and the Monkey to create a strong fire configuration of “Fire Penalty.” This will trigger fire disasters, explosions and energy problems. The more dangerous months are the months of Tiger (February) and Monkey (August).
  • Famous people encountering the Snake/Tiger/Monkey Fire Penalty in their personal lives include: John Travolta, Madonna, Queen Elizabeth II, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Li Ka Shing,  John Nash, C.Y. Leung and Alan Leong.
  • The Snake (fire) is in conflict with the Pig (water).  Famous people born in the year of the Pig are in clash against the Snake in 2013: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carlos Santana, Hillary Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Winona Ryder, Ricky Martin, Ken Watanabe.
  • People born in year of the Snake are said to be “offending the Grand Duke”:  Bob Dylan, Vivienne Westwood, Ben Stiller, Ben Bernanke, Dimitry Medvedev, Sarah Jessica Parker.
  • Metal is one of the hidden elements inside the Snake. Metal hidden in the Fire Snake signifies nuclear explosion, nuclear disasters or nuclear testing.  This is most likely to occur in the Rooster (September) and Dog (October) months.  {It’s not clear why}
  • Be very careful with stock market investments in May (Snake), August (Monkey) and November (Pig). {Again, no explanation why}
  • The Grand Duke controls big Sha (bad energy). In the year of the Snake the Grand Duke is located in the South-Southeast.  To reduce the impact of big Sha, place round metal objects near the South-Southeast.
  • San Sha (three-killings) arrives at the East.  [From the Chinese perspective], East is Shanghai; further east are Korea and Japan.  It will not be very stable in these areas. There will be water-related incidents or earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear explosions, fire, or gas explosions. There will be disputes or even military confrontations in this region during the Year of the Snake.

These latter two feng shui warnings may very explain why the People’s Republic is currently making such a particular fuss about the maritime boundaries of its sovereign territory.  From the Chinese perspective, South-Southeast is where the Spratly Islands (10°N 114° E) are located.  Directly to the East, the Senkaku/ Diaoyu/ Pinnacle Islands lie north of Taiwan and WSW of Japan.

China appears to be taking measures to mitigate its Da Sha and San Sha risks.  If feng shui masters recommend “placing round metal objects near the South-Southeast,” does this mean that we should expect minefields in the South China Sea?  Technically, those would be spherical metal objects rather than round metal objects, but it’s not clear whether feng shui masters are thinking and speaking in three dimensions or only in two.  The People’s Liberation Army is definitely thinking in at least four dimensions.


Regardless of what happens in China, seekers of sooth would do well to remember that feng shui is always relative to the particular location and environment of the affected individual or nation.  Thus the Da Sha and San Sha risks for the United States in 2013 would be located in Florida (SSE : Da Sha) and the New Jersey / Delmarva region (East : San-Sha ).  And in Russia –as seen from Moscow– Chelyabinsk (SSE) and Druzhina (E) fall within the parameters of  Da Sha / San Sha predictions for YoS.   ‘Metal within fire’ very nicely describes the fiery contrail of a meteoric descent, and ‘fire under water’ is a fair description of the volcanic geology found in Yakutia’s boggy, mountainous permafrost terrain.

Now, let’s see how things work out for Dimitry Medvedev in 2013.  In addition to staying on Comrade Bear‘s good side, he has to worry about “offending the Grand Duke.”



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