Be nice, not naughty.

In 2013, a Yin Water year, the Celestial Stem is Gui.  The Earthly Branch in 2013 is Si:  its animal sign is the Snake, ruled by Fire.  This combination results in Water above Fire.  Since water is the destroyer of fire, this portends a destructive cycle marked by conflict.


In Chinese Five Element cosmology, Fire represents Joy and Courtesy.  Water symbolizes Fear.  Water on top (Fear) suppresses the fire below (Joy and Courtesy), so people will easily be impatient and rude in the Year of the Snake.  However, because Water feeds Wood and Wood feeds Fire, Wood can mediate and reduce the conflict between Water and Fire.  Wood represents kindness in the five elements, so kindness can reduce fear and nurture joy.

Be nice, not naughty.  Even after tomorrow.



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