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Otowa Falls

October 22, 2012

The pure waters of the Kizugawa River still flow down the mountain at Otowa Falls.  Above Kiyomizudera shrine, the river’s course has been artificially divided so that visitors can choose to drink from any of three stone flumes projected over a hillside terrace.

  • If the believer drinks from the stream on the left, it will bestow wisdom.
  • To drink from the stream on the right assists in finding a spouse.
  • The middle stream offers longevity.

Drink from all of them and you gain nothing.

Um … Does This Count?

October 9, 2012

Not quite an earthquake.  Certainly not in Moscow.  But still …

A series of explosions rocked a Russian military test site [at Donguz] near Orenburg, causing giant clouds of smoke to spread over the city.  The alarm was sounded at 10:57 a.m. Moscow time, after a fire broke out at the depot 40 km from Orenburg, followed by three explosions.

Area residents were evacuated on Tuesday after more than 4,000 tons of ammunition exploded, [including] 1,379 tons of 100mm artillery shells, 400 tons of aerial bombs, and 2,000 280mm rockets from Uragan multiple rocket launchers.

The Emergency Situations Ministry said that residents of Eksperimentalny, Chisty and Pervomaisky would be accommodated at the evacuation centers in the villages of Nezhinka and Ivanovka.

“Military prosecutors have begun to check the circumstances of unsanctioned explosions of retired ammunition at the Donguz firing range,” a representative of the Central Military District military prosecutor’s office (TsVO) said.  A group of experienced prosecutors led by TsVO Maj-Gen Yevgeny Ivanov have flown to the scene.

credit: el-goog

Let’s wait and see.  There may be something even closer coming along any day now.

Earthquake in Moscow?

October 3, 2012

I awoke to see the walls of the hotel room rippling and flexing as though made of thick beige rubber.  The floor beneath the bed   –and the bed itself–   slowly undulated as if gently jostled by a passing wave-swell.  This lasted for what seemed like thirty seconds  –in dreamtime.  Not an unpleasant experience, but somewhat unsettling.  There aren’t supposed to be earthquakes in Moscow.  If that’s all it was …

Another one of those Russian dreams.