The One –or Two– That Got Away

Chronology does not (always) equal causation

On August 4th, the Venezuelan National Guard arrested a suspected US mercenary on the Venezuela-Colombia border as he attempted to illegally enter Venezuela from Colombia on a bus during the night. He was carrying a US passport which had exit stamps from visits to Libya, Iraq (2006) and Afghanistan (2004 onwards) and allegedly tore up pieces of paper from a notebook in his possession while being apprehended.  The man’s pass- port also showed that he had traveled to Jordan, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Germany and Great Britain.  He had tried to rip up his passport before being arrested.

“Our security forces captured a North American citizen, but of Latin American origin, about 4 or 5 days ago… we arrested him and right now he is being detained,” said President Hugo Chavez.  Chavez noted that the man had confessed to having previously served as a US marine.  “He is refusing to tell us anything, he won’t cooperate, he won’t say where he came from. One minute he [claims to be] fleeing from the guerrillas (in Colombia), the next he is fleeing from drug traffickers.  The little he does say is contradictory. Then he closes down: he has been trained to resist interrogation.”

“Our attention is drawn to the fact that this has happened with just a few weeks till the [October 7] elections, so we are alert,” said President Chavez. “The deadbeat opposition is capable of anything, but it had better not occur to them to destabilize this country,” he added.


Then again

(Sigh) those crazy, embittered Texans.  Never satisfied until people die.  The next step: claiming that Chavez blew up his own refinery in order to blame the opposition.  Straight out of the ol’ 19th century playbook.


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