Rocket’s Red Glare

Who says that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have no sense of humor?  Lunghu thinks they’re actually quite mischieveous:  rather than respond to the endless provocations of the Great Satan and his Zionist imps with overt bellicosity, they’ve instead chosen a subtly asymmetric riposte …

A computer glitch caused the July 4th San Diego fireworks show by Millington-based Garden State Fireworks to end much sooner than planned.  A virus in the computer code controlling the show caused about 7,000 shells to fire at once … ending the planned 17-minute “Big Bay Boom” over San Diego Bay in about 15 seconds.  Co-owner August Santore Jr. apologized and promised to put on a make-up show at his own expense.


Stuxnet:  it’s a wonderful triumph of American technology, and so versatile, too!  With a little bit of reverse engineering, of course.

Lunghu hopes that the choice of San Diego wasn’t completely accidental.  After all, those with a sense of history will know that St. James (d. 44 AD) –San Diego to you Anglophones– is the patron saint of Spain. “Tradition states that he miraculously appeared to fight for the Christian army aganst the Moors during the battle of Clavijo [844 AD], and was henceforth called Matamoros (Moor-slayer).”   And just in case you still didn’t get the message, San Diego (California) is also home to the United States Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR), which includes among its responsibilities “Cyberspace Operations: to operate and protect communications and networks, while exploiting and disrupting the adversary’s command and control.

O, the irony!



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