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Q:  When should you listen to a Russian with a gun?  A:  Almost always.  At the very least, listen.

The Russian Olympic shooting team is suffering because the sport is still run along Soviet lines and needs a “revolution” to save it, two-time European champion double trap shooter Vasily Mosin warned Thursday. “Our driving force, Soviet sport, is quietly starting to slow down,” Mosin said.  “The world’s moving forward in leaps and bounds and we are trying to evolve. We need some revolutionary approaches.  The remarks that we hear from the athletes every time, all these remarks say that a systemic crisis really does exist. .. When I hear the problems that were described today, it’s so sad it brings me to tears,” he said.”

credit: Max Bogodvid

A sentimental Russian with a gun.  Scary.  Are you listening, Comrade Bear?

Meanwhile, further afield …

President Dmitry Mevedev met on Thursday with diplomats from the Russian Foreign Ministry ahead of Russian Diplomat’s Day, celebrated on February 10.

Mevedev said he often hears complaints about ineffective and untimely help from Russian diplomats abroad.  Russian diplomats should resort to more effective measures in protecting the interests of their compatriots in complex situations abroad, the President said.  “It is important to resort to measures concerning the protection of interests and dignity of Russian citizens abroad, particularly of those who under various circumstances, even accidental ones, get into trouble,” Medvedev told the diplomats.

notice the way everyone is avoiding that trapdoor in the middle of the floor?

Ostensibly, Medvedev’s remarks were made in the context of the recent failure of Lanta-Tour, a large Russian tourist agency that went bankrupt, failed to pay  hotel reservations and airline tickets, and left thousands of Russians stranded abroad.  However, maybe Comrade Cub also had something else in mind …

Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said on Thursday,  “The decision of the Federal Court in New York to reject the appeal of Viktor Bout’s lawyers against the guilty verdict raises serious questions about the independence and credibility of the American judicial system.”  “We will continue to demand provision of the normal conditions for the detention of a Russian citizen including the implementation of court’s decisions on revising the detention regime,” Lukashevich added.   The defense had insisted on the absence of direct evidence proving a conspiracy to murder U.S. citizens and officials.  Sentencing is scheduled for March 12.

Lunghu fully appreciates that there’s not much the consul can do once a judicial verdict has been reached.  But in the view of the guy inside, this still counts as ” ineffective and untimely help from Russian diplomats.”   He may still be holding a few hole cards, though …


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