Return Bout

Lunghu really didn’t intend to piss anybody off by casually blogging about the latest product line from Izhmash and the company’s sales incentive practices.  And surely it’s just a coincidence that Izhmash has only recently gained access to a surprising new market for its iconic products:  United States law enforcement agencies.

Izhmash, the manufacturer of the legendary Kalashnikov AK-47, will supply Saiga-12 semi-automatic smoothbore shotguns to a number of police forces in the U.S.  The contracts were signed at the Shot Show exhibition in Las Vegas on January 17-20.  “The results of the exhibition are inspiring. The American market in non-military weapons is booming. We project a 20 percent increase in deliveries this year,”  Izhmash General Director Maxim Kuzyukov said.

credit: Sergei Dukachev


Izhmash signed an agreement on exclusive imports to the U.S. market with Russian Weapon Company and an agreement with Fime Group as Izhmash’s partner for manufacturing classic firearm models.  A spokesman for Izhmash declined to provide details about the partner or name the U.S. law enforcement agencies that are buying its products.

Just one question, Max:  is Lunghu way out of line in surmising that perhaps Viktor Bout had a hand in brokering this deal from the bowels of the MCC?  And that Alana Bout will be remaining in the USA to attend to the business affairs of  ‘Russian Weapon Company’?  Just sayin’ …

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  Or not.



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