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Happy Lunar New Year!  By popular demand, Lunghu once again presents a compendium of feng shui predictions for the New Year.  This year, mass media coverage of this topic in the Western bourgeois imperialist press was extremely scanty, so Lunghu was forced to supplement the meager haul by scouring the internet for websites that publish credible(?) feng shui forecasts for the Year of the Dragon.  This research yielded interesting results, and there are still another one or two other soothsayers whose predictions will be added within a day or two.  Stay tuned.

Here are the seven feng shui masters whose starcasts Lunghu makes available as a public service while the Spring Festival gets underway:

The first four specialists were all-too-briefly quoted in wire service (Reuters and AFP) news reports.  The remaining three either have their own websites or an online newspaper column.  Although these practitioners offer an extremely diverse range of opinions concerning the influence of Stem and Branch on events to come during the year of the Yang Water Dragon, there are also some aspects of the future on which all (more-or-less) agree.  As you scroll through their predictions, you’ll notice that some forecasters emphasize economic aspects, others concentrate on lifestyles of the rich and famous, and still others stress socio-political trends and developments.  Underneath it all, there’s wind and water —and above, the stars.

  Practitioner 2012 Prediction
  Anthony Cheng [HK] Russia and China will be the two best
emerging market performers in the
coming year.
    In the second half of the year, a
scandalous corruption case will be
exposed in China.
    In Hong Kong and in mainland China,
high-ranking officials will be forced to
step down. Some may be jailed, or even die.
  Peter So [HK] Europe’s economy will not recover
until at least 2014.
    Recovery for the US economy is
possible in 2013.
    The US is starting to have luck on its
side again, so it will be a good year no
matter who is elected President.
    Indonesia, Pakistan, India & Sichuan,
Yunnan and Guizhou are likely to
experience frequent earthquakes.
  Alion Yeo [HK] Expect to see a lot of flooding in areas
like Thailand and southeast China.
  Chan Wei-chung [TW] Vladimir Putin has a negative Treasure
Star this year, which means he could
lose a lot of money.
    Al Pacino has “bright sunshine”, which
means he could turn away trouble with
good luck because of his works of charity
or the help he has given others.
    Sandra Bullock needs to watch out for
manipulative people beside her, but
may have a chance of conceiving
a child.
  Raymond Lo [HK] The Dragon’s powerful Earth quality
often triggers massive earthquakes
and earth-related disasters such as
collapse of buildings, mine disasters,
landslides, or avalanches.
    Yang Water Dragon year creates the
potential danger of big flooding and/or
tsunami, [particularly in the Monkey or
Rat months].
    Yang Water is a powerful driving force
toward progress and social changes,
so it will be an energetic year
with new movements and changes,
reform in politics and the social
    Water atop Earth causes muddy water
and creates a climate for viruses
and spread of epidemic.
    The absence of the Fire element is not
very favorable for the airline industry
and there may be more airline
accidents in June, July, or October
when Fire is under attack.
    People born in years of Dog have to
be particularly careful in 2012:
they should take extra care to
avoid mountain-related activities.
    The economic crisis in some European
countries may deepen in October and
November, causing a downturn in the
global economy and stock market.
    The Dragon’s Earth element is most
beneficial to Wood industries such
as textile, paper, books, media,
environmental industries, food and
consumer goods.
    Earth industries such as real estate,
mining & insurance will prosper
less than Wood industries.
    Water industries such as shipping,
beverages, transport, and
communications will not do well in the
Dragon year.
    Metal industries such as banking,
engineering, technology, computers
and machinery will also struggle.
    Presidential elections in USA, India,
Taiwan, France, [Korea] will bring
a new phase to the politics of
these countries & Yang Water is
a sign of bold progress and reform.
    For people who need support of the
Fire element, such as French
President Nicolas Sarkozy, 2012
will not be favorable.
    Famous people born in the year of the
Dog who thus clash against the
Dragon in 2012 are Madonna, Bill
Clinton, Donald Trump, George Bush,
Sylvester Stallone, Sharon Stone
and Jennifer Lopez.
    People born in the Year of the Dragon
may experience complications and
disharmony in their relationships:
Sandra Bullock, Vladimir Putin, Tom
Jones, Abhisit Vejjajiva, Liam Neeson,
Sarah Palin. A clash against the Day
Pillar will usually cause movement or
conflict in the family or human
relationship area, especially in
relationships with the spouse or
opposite sex.
   JVM Franciso [PI] We will see the emergence of new
leaders who will inspire change.
They will come to power through
radical means or through elections
marred by controversy.
    Civic organizations will be more
vigilant and emphasize advocacy for
human rights, the environment and
national identity.
    Some parts of the world will be
devastated by major earthquakes,
extreme flooding and volcanic eruptions.
    A major astronomical discovery in the
Milky Way will revolutionize our
perception of the universe.
    Yang Water is flowing: ideas will
abound, creativity flourish,
economies grow and communities
    The fields of music, fashion and film
will lead in the production of
ground-breaking and cutting-edge
works of art.
    Favorable areas for economic growth
this year are agriculture, real
estate, building & infrastructure
development, transportation,
creative industry and information
communication technology.
  Edgar Lok Tin Yung
There will be more natural disasters
such as earthquakes, and water-
related events such as flooding,
tsunamis, avalanches, sea level
    2012 is a wet year. We will see more
rain, snow, polar ice sheets [and
glaciers] melting and so on.
    Major dams around the world may
have a few incidents due to flood-
    There will be series of earthquakes or
volcanic eruptions in the Dog month
(October) or Monkey month (August)
or Rat month (December).
    2012 is not a very stable year for
Australia and New Zealand. There
will be more water-related
incidents or earthquakes. There
will be a lot more lawsuits and
labor conflicts.
    The conflict relationship between the
Stem and Branch is that the bottom
level opposes the upper level. There
will be more rebellions from the
lower strata of society. The
opposition party will be elected to
government in many countries.
    2012 is a year of innovations and
changes in religions, concepts,
philosophy, and values. Religious
conflicts will worsen. High-profile
religious figures will be in the
    In 2012 the Annual Star number 6 is in
the central place. This number
represents law, government, power,
and the patriarch, especially in
religions. The power of such people
will be challenged.
    In the Year of the Dragon, economic
growth is suppressed. Avoid invest-
ment in transportation, aviation,
shipping, logistics and so on.
    The birth rate will be higher in the
Dragon year, so products marketed to
new parents and babies may see
improved sales.
    In the first half of the Yang Water
Dragon (February to early August),
the price of gold will drop. But
gold will recover in the second
half of the year.
    After entering the Rooster month
(September) the European crisis
will gradually clear up. However,
in October (the Dog month) the
stock market will drop sharply.

credit: John O’Boyle

It will be interesting to see which of these predictions will be the first to materialize.  Lunghu will add some forecasts of his own … just as soon as the needle stops spinning wildly in his luo pan.


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