I Fall In Pieces

Have you seen this vehicle?  If not, perhaps you’ll have a close-up view later today.


The [RF] Federal Space Agency said on Friday that Phobos-Grunt fragments might fall … over the Atlantic Ocean, along the eastern coast of South America, at 45 degrees South 60 degrees West.  From 20 to 30 rover fragments made of heat proof materials with a total weight less than 200 kilograms may hit the [earth’s surface].

If not off Argentina, then perhaps further west:

Experts [said on Sunday] it most likely that the fragments will fall to Earth at about 21:51 Moscow time in the Pacific Ocean off Chile [near] 42 degrees latitude south and 80 degrees longitude west.

The rover launched on November 9, 2011, failed to set off towards Mars and stayed in a circumterrestrial orbit. The project cost about 5 billion rubles.

Lunghu is inclined to believe that more than one technocrat at Roskosmos and Lavochkin is going be made a patsy for this failure, even though Vladimir Popovkin himself has hinted that nefarious Yankee cyber-warriors may have hijacked Phobos-Grunt’s control systems when the spacecraft orbited over the Western Hemisphere.  After all, anything’s possible in this day and age.


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