Get the Point?

Lunghu wasn’t aware that the protocol for visits by a foreign head of state required the honor guard to present arms with fixed bayonets. Apparently, though, that’s how they do things in China.  At least when Lee Myung-bak comes to visit.

Poor President Lee –it seems he thought that Hu Jin-tao just wanted to spend a few days discussing the future of bi-lateral relations with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.   However, to leave his aircraft, and to enter the Great Hall of the People, the President had to walk a gauntlet of impeccably uniformed Chinese from every branch of the armed forces.  Lots of ’em.  Just to get the message across, naval personnel were present by the boatload.

Judging by the photographs, this particular Korean President doesn’t look too comfortable with weaponry.  Which (as Sun-tzu would tell you) is exactly the point.


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