Happy Ursa-ween!

Rowing.  In the snow.  Really, can it get much better?  Lunghu doesn’t think so.  All the same, he’s kinda glad he elected not to row in Philadelphia today.  It’s not so much the snow –or the 3 mile race–  but more the interminable wait for dock space once you’ve finished the course.  Your body has finished pumping out the massive amounts of energy needed to sustain maximum effort for umpteen minutes plus, and then your boat paddles back upstream to sit waiting in line with more than a dozen others while your muscles cool, tighten, chill and cramp.  By the time you’re back at the trailer, your fingers are numb and your lips are tinged with blue.  Hypothermia is never far away.

No thanks! Yes, the weather will be cold on Sunday, but it should be sunny, too.  Much better for rowing.  And very picturesque!



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