Forget About Us/ Put the Blame on Me

Note to Rick Perry:

Lunghu doesn’t insist that Barack Obama throw Israel under the bus, but WakingtheDragon would definitely like to see Netanyahu and the rest of his criminal crew serve as wheel chocks while we back-and-fill out of the quagmire they’ve dragged us into.  That would be a good start toward getting Lunghu’s vote in 2012.

So, Mr. President  –be bold, show some leadership, learn from the example of Russia & China, and don’t veto that Security Council resolution when it comes up for a vote.  Otherwise, Team Obama will be seen to fold in the face of craven politicking by the GOP, blatant extortion by AIPAC, and duplicitous manipulation orchestrated by those puppeteers lodged in the shadows.

What’s the alternative?  Articulate the compelling vision of a new Middle East that includes a Palestinian state  –because there will be no peace wthout one.

Oh.  One more thing.  Is Lunghu the only guy around who finds it extremely coincidental that Turkey has been experiencing a series of terrorist bomb attacks shortly after it challenged Israel on the issue of aid convoys to Gaza?   Sure, you could always blame it on the usual suspects –the PKK– in light of Turkey’s recent heavy-handed incursions against Kurdish rebels based in Northern Iraq, but on the other hand maybe not …  Remember Iskenderun!


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