Shocked, Shocked

Feng shui master Alion Yeo Tin-ming is back in the game!   A few weeks ago, Lunghu took him to task during the Waking the Dragon halftime report, noting that Yeo hadn’t really scored any definitive ‘hits’ during the first six months of the year.  But feng shui masters often caution patience for good reason: good things come to those who wait.

When he made his predictions back in January, Yeo conceded that the Year of the Rabbit had been “difficult to read:”

A one-month process [seeking advice from the oracles] took three times that long.  He had difficulty getting a clear message in Hong Kong, so he traveled to Singapore to get a different perspective.
Yeo calls on the United States to heed the lessons of the last financial crisis, lest another great shock bring renewed economic difficulties.  Among other things, earthquakes could shock the US.

At this point, it might be a bit of a stretch calling Tuesday’s 5.8 mag tremor in Louisa County, Virginia something that will “shock” the United States.  But it should be a wakeup call:  traditionalist Chinese investors have certainly taken note, because when an earthquake strikes near your nation’s capital, it means that the dynasty has lost the Mandate of Heaven.   For Chinese, this isn’t merely a sign that the Obama regime is in trouble, either.  Basically it’s a fundamental, geomantic confirmation of what many Americans already know –that the entire system of government is close to forfeiting its tenuous claim to legitimacy.  Let’s see what impact this may have on the Treasury’s next T-bill auction.

Lunghu agrees with Lao Yeo in at least one respect:  it’s pretty clear that the United States government has failed to heed the lessons of the last financial crisis.  The same cast of characters is busily perpetrating a whole new batch of asset inflation pump-and-dump schemes (primarily in commodities markets), once again with the full, not-so-entirely-unwitting cognizance of their past and future colleagues in the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve Bank.

No accountability for past crimes = no deterrence for future ones.  As any capable Confucian official can tell you (albeit with a tinge of regret), heads must roll –lots of ’em– in order to restore the nation’s balance and harmony.  And Lunghu’s not just talking about ceremonial dismissals of officials who resign to atone for their errors –no, sirree.  Nope, copious quantities of literal, physical decapitation are called for under the imperial code of justice.  Civil officials and military commanders.  Merchants, prelates, peasants and artisans all must go.  Economists and quant apologists?  Most definitely.  Rivers must flow red with blood (requiring temporary suspension of EPA regulations authorized by the Clean Water Act).  The wails of exiled clansmen must rend the skies.  And we’ll really have to hurry to finish all this carnage before the Mayan calendar rolls over in December 2012.  Gotta plan for a fresh start.  Have a nice day!


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