Vee-Zee-Ay! Vee-Zee-Ay!

Lunghu’s not really much of a futbol fan, but in the interests of cultural awareness, international relations and world peace he does occasionally follow noteworthy developments in the most popular sport on the globe.  So, in case you haven’t noticed (and you haven’t) the BIG news these days is that perennial also-ran Venezuela has reached the semi-finals of the Copa America by defeating ideological adversary Chile in a 2-1 quarter-final match played in Argentina over the weekend.  That’s certainly cause for clamor and commotion in Caracas!

The red embroidery reads "Hugo Chavez Frias / Presidente"

Close observers might conclude from the photo above that El Presidente’s recent oncological brush with mortality has left him a bit chastened, but he’s still a fan of sport.

On Wednesday evening (July 20), the Venezuelan national team will face Paraguay (Peru v. Uruguay is the other semi-final matchup).  The Paraguayans have a reputation for playing “aggressive” and “physical”  futbol, but –as always– the beautiful game is fully in the hands of the referee.  Let’s keep it clean!


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