Operation Magic Lantern

Were he alive in more than spirit, Sun-tzu could beam with satisfaction:  when your adversary himself executes your strategic plans, success seems all but assured.  But at any moment, fate can take unexpected tangential turns.

Iran’s parliament on Tuesday launched impeachment proceedings against Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi for appointing Mohammad Sahrif Malekzadeh, an aide to Esfandiar Rahim Mashaie, as deputy foreign minister in charge of administrative and financial affairs.
MP Ahmad Tavakoli was quoted by the Iranian media on Monday as saying that the minister of intelligence had “told Salehi in writing that he is opposed to the appointment of Malekzadeh to the post of deputy foreign minister.”
[However,] Mohammad Reza Mirtajeddini, vice-president of parliamentary affairs, was quoted on parliament’s website as saying that “there is the possibility of resolving the issue.”

Pity the poor Persians, being played like a circus orchestra of ghazhaks.  Someone is definitely inside their OODA loop.


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