Correlation ≠ Causation

Ask an Inca –is it a good idea to annoy the mountain spirits?  Lunghu thinks you Norteños can guess the answer (despite your customary obtuseness):  no, it is not.  Because unwelcome things will happen if you rashly do so …

Well, it seems as though Pinochetistas can be a little slow to get the message, but eventually –eventually– the light may dawn behind their shrouded eyes.  Perhaps some kind soul will explain it to them.

A Chilean appeals court in the southern port city of Puerto Montt ordered suspension of the 2.9 billion dollar HidroAysén project, which plans to build a complex of hydroelectric dams in the Patagonian wilderness.
The court decreed a stay [in the government’s permitting process], “which means the project is frozen until the essence of the matter is resolved,” the judiciary said in a statement.

Here’s a brief, selective, but instructive 2011 timeline:
May 9 : National Energy Commission votes 10-0-1 to permit HidroAysén.
June 4 : Puyehue eruptions begin [air traffic in the Southern Hemisphere is disrupted as far away as Australia].
June 14 : Puyehue eruptions continue; explosions generate pyroclastic flows with associated ash-and-gas plumes.
June 20 : Chilean appeals court orders re-evaluation of HidroAysén project.

Por ahora … Chileños should remember what happened when they elected this government in the first place.


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