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Everybody’s favorite Hashemite, King Abdullah of Jordan, is visiting Washington, DC to meet with President Obama and SecState Clinton.   The King was educated in Britain, so he understands the value of polite understatement in conveying a broad hint.   However, Americans (particularly in Congress) don’t always get the message unless it’s spelled out in unequivocal terms.  Especially if US media doesn’t even bother to report King Abdullah’s visit (now why might that be?).   So, as a public service, Lunghu will provide a no-nonsense translation of the King’s diplomatically-phrased remarks:

HM Abdullah:
“We’re here in Washington to not only talk about our bilateral relations and the challenges that we face in the Middle East, but also this Arab Spring,” Abdullah said.
“That is a challenge for all of us to hopefully get it right and the role of the United States is going to be crucial how the Middle East moves in what direction.”

Lunghu’s translation:
“It’s your choice:  Israeli regime-change or democratically-elected Islamist governments with broad popular support in hostile Arab states.”

The body language says it all. credit: Karen Bleier

[Choose wisely, grasshopper.   It’s long past time to put the interests of the nation above those of your sworn pseudo-brothers.]

Say it Ain’t So, Mo!

Lunghu is sorta/kinda hoping that Muammar Ghaddfi can hang on for just a fortnight more:  June 1st is the finish line for Lunghu’s over/under bet on Libyan regime longevity, so even one minute past midnight would put his wager in the money.   But it ain’t lookin’ good.   According to Italy’s Foreign Minister Franco Frattini:

“Messages are starting to arrive from the inner circle of the regime.” … Close aides to Ghaddafi have said he is looking for an ”honorable exit” and ”a place where it is possible to retire in a dignified way and disappear from the political scene.”

Lunghu has been wondering where in the world Ghaddafi would be welcome as an exile.  He’s heard there’s a nice seafront villa sitting vacant near Sochi …


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