If Russia’s experiment in democracy and presidential politics has not yet experienced the curious phenomenon of fanatical “birthers,” perhaps it’s now time to corrrect this oversight.  Lunghu makes this suggestion because disturbing news from Moscow calls into question the true origins of Comrade Bear.  Last Friday …

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who until very recently was unable to skate, participated in an informal game of ice-hockey between young players from … the cities of Chelyabinsk and Penza.  The game was held in Moscow’s Luzhniki sports complex … [where] these sides will face off in the final of the Golden Puck Russian junior hockey tournament on Saturday [16 April].

Unable to skate!?!!  Where was he actually born — somewhere like Hawaii??   How can the Russian people be certain that he’s really an authentic citizen?   For all Lunghu and anyone else knows, the entire Putin persona could be a fictional creation of the insidious FSB propaganda machine.  Those United Russia zealots who accuse Dimitri Medvedev of being a pawn of the Anglo-Saxon enemy have been well and truly duped!!   Their hero isn’t even Russian!

Even more “evidence”:  photos of Putin wearing a Reebok helmet, CCM pads, a Bauer uniform and wielding a Bauer hockey stick.  Some of his opponents are sportin’ Easton sticks, for cryin’ out loud.  Is this Russia or Canada??!!

By the way:  Lunghu doesn’t know whether Chelyabinsk or Penza won the junior championship final, but when adult teams from the respective cities are named Traktor Chelyabinsk and Dizel Penza, you know those kids can play tough.


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