G is for Gomorrah

For quite some time, the Italian news agency ANSA has been reporting about the activities of Italian organized crime groups in the European waste industry.   They’ve also devoted considerable attention to the Italian state’s prolonged assault on ‘ndrangheta and camorra clans in the Campania and Calabria regions.   So it’s no surprise that this week ANSA published a story about Italy’s seizure of assets worth €13 millione from Messers. Cipriano Chianese and Franco Caccaro.

What is surprising is the inclusion of a key quote from Legambiente, a European NGO, which characterized environmental crime in Italy as …

“a perverse link-up between white collar crime, Freemason businesses and criminal groups [that] manage illegal waste trafficking.”

Although Lunghu considers the terms ‘white collar crime’ and ‘freemason businesses’ to be synonymous and thus redundant, what’s striking here is that such a quote would actually be published in a major media outlet.   This is something that you’ll never see printed in the United States, where the same cast of characters (but not the same individuals) is engaged in precisely this kind of criminal alliance … in several industries.   Lunghu leaves it to the reader’s imagination to suggest reasons why [North] American law enforcement (or media, for that matter) doesn’t seem to be devoting resources to this phenomenon.

In related developments:

Lunghu was idly glancing at the Gothic font masthead of the Montreal Gazette the other day, and then noticed that they’ve chosen the capital letter ‘G’ as their online thumbnail browser icon.   What might that mean to informed readers?   Lunghu decided to subject the graphic to a bit of creative deconstruction.  Take a look at the results:

Note the cross-section view of a hod at far right.



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