Yo Momma

Lunghu has never been quite sure whether or not Russia has traditionally followed the practice of April Fools Day on the first of the month, but he wouldn’t be a bit surprised to learn that Comrade Bear himself has recently adopted this aspect of Western European culture.   How else would one explain Putin’s latest prank PR stunt; test-driving a Russian gas/electric hybrid auto (the Ё-мобиль) on Friday from Novo-Ogaryovo to Dimi Medvedev’s house?

We have a meeting of the Security Council scheduled today.  I want to go in your Yo-Mobile to Dmitry Anatolyevich (Medvedev) and show it to him,” the premier said.  “I hope your Yo-mobile will not fall apart on the way,” Putin remarked to ONEXIM-Group head Mikhail Prokhorov, initiator of the car development project.

Credit: Alexei Nikolsky

The car, whose name is a play on a Russian swear word, uses both gasoline and natural gas as fuel.  It has a rotary engine and uses ultra capacitators rather than lithium-ion batteries to power its electric engine.  The Yo-mobile is a project of Yo-Auto, a joint venture between truck maker Yarovit and Onexim group.   “Lithium-ion batteries are a mistake, a dead-end,” said the car’s developer, Andrei Biryukov.   The capacitators store energy they receive directly from the engine and do not require recharging from a power network.


Andrei Biryukov & Vladimir Putin --- Credit: Alexei Nikolsky

The prime minister noted that Prokhorov’s project was a good example of new technology solutions.  “How did you name it?  Yo-Mobile?” Putin smiled.  “The name, of course, is unclear.  Where did you get it from?  But maybe it’s not bad –in any case it attracts attention,” he said.

Lunghu eagerly awaits the opportunity to hear and view the hiphop music video that will inevitably promote this vehicle in the USA.   Until then, take a look at this video of Comrade Bear behind the wheel.   Enjoy!


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